Introducing our partner program

Website design can bring work you don’t want, like spending time on your client’s web hosting and domain name setup, helping with their email configuration, sorting out lost passwords or always being the first point of contact for technical support. Nothing is quite as frustrating as wasting time on problems that just aren’t your bag.


ayuda hosting’s Partner Program was designed specifically to meet web designer’s needs. Request a new client account and we take care of the rest - domain name registration, DNS configuration, hosting account creation, email set-up, client technical support, renewal reminders and billing.

Have as little or as much control as you want thanks to our intelligent hosting control panel where you can view all your client accounts through the one partner login. Ultimately it’s about less hassle for you and a better service for your clients, and all with the added bonus of ongoing commissions paid directly to you.

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Getting started...

  • 1 Register now for ayuda hosting's partner program or call us on (03) 9095 7600
  • 2 Receive your free hosting and email account
  • 3 Login to your partner account or call us to order your next web hosting account or domain name
  • 4 Call us to take advantage of our technical support to help you setup your hosting fast

Interested in finding out more about hosting?

Take advantage of our free hosting information session. Call us on (03) 9095 7600 to find out more.